Hey guys! So something that really confused me when I started looking into fitness & nutrition was the infamous “protein shakes” that everyone talks about. At first, it can be unbelievably confusing to try chose a certain brand or type of protein supplement.

Before I tell you if you should/shouldn’t use protein shakes I’d like to quickly address a question that everyone seems to be asking which is “why do people use protein shakes”. Well to keep it simple, people use them to increase the rate of muscle growth & help meet their body’s protein needs.

THINK BEFORE YOU BUY!                                 Although supplements increase & improve your body’s muscle growth rate, they dont work miracles. You still need to workout on a regular basis if not even harder than what you’d normally do if you weren’t using these protein shakes. This is because protein eventually breaks down to a sugar. So if you aren’t working hard to burn off the contents of the protein it can actually lead to you GAINING weight instead of losing it or building muscle!💪

The usual protein amount in one serving is usually around 20-30G. This amount of protein can be very unhealthy for your body if it isn’t worked off! 

So before you go rushing online or to your local health shop to buy as much protein powder as your wallet will let allow you to, you need to ask yourself this question – “Am I willing to work for the results I want?”. If you answered yes then be my guest & purchase some protein supplements… As long as your consuming it within the reccomende amounts your all good to go!😊🙌

(Please note that you really shouldn’t be taking these protein shakes if you’re under the age of 17 as your body is physically not able to digest the huge amount of protein you are consuming)

Some people say that these supplements are a scam… And honestly, that all comes down to how much you workout. If you’re really putting in the effort to stay fit & eat healthily then you’ll easily reap the rewards of working out. If you see this as a way to get shredded fast then your completely wrong…

I usually do a 1-hour workout that consists of 30 minutes cardio & 30 minutes of weight lifting etc.

I personally choose to use “Precision Engineered Whey Protein”. It’s at the cheaper end of the scale for these supplements and it’s really easy to mix & also has some very nice flavours (I use chocolate)

I hope this post has given you a good insight into what is required if you chose to take protein supplements of any sorts.

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Are you thinking about using protein Supplements or fitness in general? Feel free to leave a comment with and questions or your opinion on this post😂💪

– Devon